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MUnmanned multipurpose robotic complex: Multi-purpose machine with wheel formula 8x8 (UMRC 8Х8)

Intended for:

  • reconnaissance
  • patrolling
  • delivery of supplies and ammunition to the dangerous sectors
  • evacuation of the wounded
  • use as a strike complex
  • fire support of the infantry units

The machine can be operated at any time of the year in a wide range of climatic and geographical zones:

  • in the range of operating temperatures from -40 ° С to +55 ° С
  • with relative humidity up to 98% at a temperature up to +25 ° С
  • at wind speeds not exceeding 20 m / s
  • with rainfall intensity up to 150 mm / h

Modular body makes it possible to create special modifications in accordance with the specifications of the customer.

UMRC 8х8 combines the properties of the ATV and the maneuverable car. Its suspension bracket allows reaching the maximum possible speed on rough terrain. The platform is equipped with an electric motor of 30 kW and an automatic transmission with an interaxial differential.

In agreement with the customer, it can be completed with:

  • a centralized tire swap system that allows the operator to change the tire pressure on the move if road conditions change
  • an electric winch with pulling force up to 4000 kg
  • a remote-controlled combat modules with machine guns with a caliber of up to 12.7-mm., missile up to 130 mm

UМRC 8х8 has armored protection of the surveillance cameras, power plant, hydraulic and electric systems. The level of armor can be increased in agreement with the customer

Main characteristics
Width, mm 2290
Height, mm 1200
Length, mm 4200
Base, mm 2790
Track, mm 1850
Clearance, mm 450
Front angle, deg 55
Rear angle, deg 83
Weight without equipment, kg 2600
Useful load, kg 1350
Maximum speed, km/h 58
Minimum speed, km/h 2
Suspension type Low-pressure tires are used as a shock absorber
Wheel formula 8х8
Rotation system On-board
Motor Electric
Additional motor ICE + generator
Max working time of one charge from 2 to 24 hours or to 130 km
Max working time in standby mode 100 hours
Overcoming obstacles
Rise, deg. 40
Roll, deg. 35
Vertical wall, m 0,5
Ditch, m 1
Passage of water obstacles by swimming
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